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Understanding Growth Hormone Side Effects

Growth Hormone Side EffectsThere are many benefits of HGH treatments or HGH supplements but some types do have Growth Hormone side effects. Fact is when HGH is taken under prescribed amounts for conditions like HGH deficiency, it is proven to be quite safe and has very few side effects. However, under higher doses and without medical supervision, a patient's risk for abuse and HGH side effects grows exponentially. At any rate, here are just some of the known side effects of HGH abuse and misuse:

    Common Growth Hormone Side Effects: The most common and severe side effects are visible water retention, middle ear infection, and Acromegaly. The last item in that list is a disease that starts with the overgrowth of connective tissue and facial bone, which then leads to an altered look due to protruding eyebrow and jaw bones. This condition can also result in abnormally large feet and hands as well as increased growth of body hair. Ironically, instead of increasing life expectancy, HGH-caused Acromegaly can shorten one's lifespan significantly. As for common yet less severe side effects, they include muscle and joint stiffness, fluid retention in your limbs (hands, arms, feet, and legs), and flu-like symptoms (fever, muscle aches, chills, extreme tiredness, and so on).

    Occasional Growth Hormone Side Effects: Occasional—that is infrequent or uncommon—yet severe side effects include underactive thyroid, inflammation of the gastric and intestinal lining, infection, chest pain, and bronchitis. Conversely, occasional and less severe side effects include abnormal fat distribution, high amounts of fat in blood, tingling, numbness, nausea, water-retention-induced puffiness, excessive sweating, dizziness, bone pain, backache, breast tenderness, nose inflammation, acute nose/throat/sinus infection, high blood pressure, and depression.

    Rare Growth Hormone Side Effects: In terms of rare side effects, the severe ones include increased risk of bleeding, diabetes, separation of the upper part of your femur bone from the shaft, high pressure within the skull, adverse reactions at the injection site, allergic reaction, broken bones, high blood sugar, abnormal test results for the body's sugar tolerance, rash, bloody urine, acute inflammation of the pancreas, optic disk edema, and disease of the retina. Just as rare yet less severe symptoms include mood changes, water retention (in general, not just your limbs), increased chances for mole growth, the presence of sugar in urine, headache, increased hunger, low energy, chronic sleeplessness, joint pain, hair loss, enlarged breasts in males, inflammation of the voice box, inflammation of the tonsils, throat irritation, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

As this long list of HGH side effects shows, people who want to inject themselves with medical grade HGH (Somatropin) should always keep in mind that there are more affordable and less risky alternatives available. Therefore, unless you're suffering from a serious, nigh-debilitating syndrome that's worth the perils of HGH side effects, you should opt for, say, HGH supplements (such as Sytropin, GenFX, Cloud9 HGH, GenF20 Plus, Provacyl, and GHR1000), heavy exercise, dieting, and so on, especially for people who are looking to try Human Growth Hormones for it's anti-aging capabilities.
Precautions To Avoid HGH Side Effects

Nowadays, HGH is promoted by certain advertisers as some sort of miraculous panacea like the age-old snake oil or the new-age resveratrol, where salesmen will do their best to make you believe that it's a magic, cure-all elixir that can heal any sort of condition or ailment you may have. Many of these claims are false, unproven, or speculation made without any medical backing or consultation. As outlined above, taking HGH without a due doctor's prescription opens you to the risk of suffering side effects that range from bothersome to severe.

HGH, like any other drug, should be used with medical supervision. That way, you are assured of safe application that optimizes the drug's actual, verifiable benefits. Just be duly warned that this medicine doesn't come cheap, especially injectables like Humatrope, Saizen, Norditropin and Genotropin. It is not recommended for HGH users to buy spurious products at a lower price either, plus indiscriminate use of this medication can be quite hazardous to your health. The bottom line HGH side effects are real and that is why you must be accordingly informed of both the pros and cons before trying HGH. As always, consult your healthcare physician for more details about this treatment.

Supplements with No Growth Hormone side effects

Buy GenF20 HEREGENF20 Plus is an HGH releaser that has the proper balance of Amino peptides, vitamins, minerals and herbs to stimulate the pituitary gland in order for the body to produce more HGH. But also since it is combined with 3 more powerful anti-oxidants to boost the anti-aging effects of HGH, you get so much more value for your investment. Resveratrol which is found in red wine and in grapes is a very potent anti-oxidant that is said to help your body stay younger by activating the body’s anti-aging genes. While Acai berry is reputed to have a lot of vitamins, minerals, fiber, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids to help your cardiovascular system function better and help your body release more of the toxins and waste trapped in the body.
Green tea not only helps your immune system, but also its healthful properties help prevent cancer, helps you lose your cellulite, lowers your cholesterol and so much more. So many health benefits from these all natural ingredients make Genf20 Plus enticing to try. With ingredients proven to be effective by many scientific and medical studies and a reputable manufacturer, surely this is one of the products you should consider. And if you feel that you are not completely satisfied with the results after using the product, you could always return it before the 60-day trial period ends. Not bad for a product with so many anti-aging ingredients.

Buy Provacyl in Canada HEREProvacyl is a product that has been out for a number of years and is only for men.  The reason is that Provacyl HGH contains not only ingredients to increase HGH production, but also to increase sexual performance. The effects of Provacyl are considered to be pretty close to if you were taking a combination of both HGH injections and testosterone. This product is like a two-for-one deal because your sexual performance will increase and your signs of aging will not only decrease, but be reversed.  The product will also assist in building stronger, more toned and larger muscles.  Provacyl HGH will also increase the longevity of erections and in some cases even the size of the penis, both in length and girth. 
Another reason that Provacyl has worked great in men is because it fights off Andropause as well. Andropause is essentially the male equivalent of menopause. It normally occurs in men in their mid- to late thirties and is caused by a sharp drop in testosterone. Once you start with Provacyl HGH you will notice increased alertness, better sexual performances and more lean and toned muscles. Provacyl has the longest guarantee in the business of 180 days. Women should not take Provacyl as it may cause facial hair growth and a deepened voice. 

Buy GenFX HEREGenfx is a new releaser that just came out recently with great fanfare. Genfx causes your pituitary gland to release more HGH into the body.  This will cause several different anti-aging effects to be reversed. The creator of Genfx HGH says that it actually will do more for you, and in a safer manner, than all of the plastic surgery, personal training and spa treatment combined. While this is a strong statement, they continue to stand behind their product allowing anyone to try it for 90 days. If after that you are unhappy you can return the remaining amount for a  refund.